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Beasiswa SMK/SMA, D3, D4, S1, dan S2 dari Van Deventer-Mass Stichting (VDMS)

Merupakan program beasiswa kerjasama Van Deventer-Mass Stichting sebuah yayasan swasta dengan beberapa universitas.

Jadwal pelaksanaan (The VDMS Scholarship Cycle (VSC)):
  1. Screen and select the students –February/April. (Two possibilities: existing and new students).
  2. Compose the proposal –April. (Input SAS, Make correction, and complete the requirement information).
  3. Submit the proposal –May. (notify the administrator by e-mail).
  4. Finalize the proposal – June. (receive comments of the Administration on (1). Unqualified student, (2) complete data, (3) incorrect data entry. Send back Registration Documents to the Council of Deputies (CoD) in Jakarta).
  5. Confirmation of the students and the proposal –July.
  6. Sign contracts – July. (After signing the contract, you will be paid the firs installment (ca. 50% of the total budget)).
  7. Pay the students, depending of the start of the year – July or August.
  8. Interview the students – 5th month. (for coach and evaluation, IP dan Score).
  9. Notify the final examination of students 1st to 11th month. (send a copy of the certificate to the Administrator in Jakarta, receive examination bonus)
  10. Interview the students – 11th month. (for evaluation)
  11. Pay the TOEFL bonus. (if TOEFL > 450 you will get bonus).
Dokumen yang disyaratkan untuk dilampirkan dengan form aplikasi dan diserahkan ke PIC di Sekolah atau Universitas:
  1. A reference letter form School/University (Principal/Rector/Dean) stating that you are a member of a deprived family.
  2. A copy of your ID card (KTM/KTP).
  3. A copy of Family card member/Kartu Keluarga.
  4. The latest Academic Transcript (KHS) with the latest GPA (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif –IPK).
  5. An official income statement of the parents (both government and private), and a letter delivered by the Lurah to support the official income statement. If there is no official income statement please make Surat Keterangan Kurang Mampu delivered by Lurah, by mentioning the job and average of the parents income.
  6. Scanned photo.
  7. A short story about your self, your family, your school/university. Write about your motivation to apply for a scholarship and about what you expect from it.
Informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan hubungi:
Kantor Perwakilan Indonesia
Jl. Dempo No. 7 Matraman, Jakarta Pusat 10320.
Contact Person: Ibu Lucky Karina Sari.
Phone: 021-31904765, Fax.: 021-3103248, E-mail: deventer@cbn.net.id
Website SAS di www.extranet.vandeventermaas.org

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